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Friday, 14 August 2015

TGR V class from Alan Shaw of Brisbane, Australia.

HOn3½ scale model of the Tasmanian Government Railways (Australia) V class based on the Worsley Works 3mm scale etch of the BR 04 class.

The mechanism for this model was a 4 axle BullAnt Major, three axles equipped with wheels and the fourth axle for the jackshaft drive. The model was supplied with extended axles for fitting of outside cranks, and the motor had an overhang at the front to keep it out of the cabin area. By 'overhang', I mean the motor and gearbox is moved forward of the front axle so it all fits inside the motor compartment of the model.

This form of construction is quite popular for small diesels. Alan talked to us during the ordering process to get all the details right.

Nice work Alan.


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