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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Schoma Engineering Work Vehicles from the London Underground - modelled by Damian Philipsen.

Damian Philipsen of London UK, has modelled a lovely pair of Schoma units in OO scale, using BullAnt drive systems. The odd looking locos have to fit the very restrictive Tube loading gauge, hence the squat profile. They are diesel powered.

Damian writes: "The two models I have scratchbuilt use Bullant chassis (the motors are set forward enough to leave the cabs free). 

They are 1:76 scale on 16.5mm track ("OO" scale). The bodies are made of styrene plastic. The cosmetic portion of the chassis is bolted to the bullant and this contains all of the wiring, lighting and decoder. 

The cab and hood are bolted to the chassis and can be removed if required. Lead has been added to each locomotive wherever possible to boost weight (each weighs approx 150g). Each locomotive is fitted with a DCC decoder (inside the cab). 

Because the locomotives always operate in pairs only the lights at the leading (cab) ends work (forward/reverse/shunting/parking light combinations available). A 'stay alive' capacitor is fitted to each locomotive. They run very well (and slowly) with a 60:1 gear ratio."

Congratulations Damian, very nice work.

A pair of the prototype locomotives.

During construction. Chassis with BullAnt fitted.

The cab and hood being constructed onto the chassis.

Almost finished, with wiring and lighting in the lower half complete

The underside, sowing bolt fixings and the stay alive capacitor fitted.

Loco 11 complete.

Loco 6 complete.

Double headed ballast train.

Double headed ballast train passes passenger train.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hagerstown & Frederick Brill No. 172, from Bruce Battles

This car was 3-D printed by Shapeways. The prototype ran in Maryland, on the Hagerstown & Frederick. There were 5 cars in this group, nos. 168-172, built by Brill, one or two at a time, between 1917 and 1921. The model is car 172, the last of the series. 

The H&F was a pastoral, rural operation that ran through the hilly, wooded countryside of western Maryland, and lasted until February of 1954.  It was very popular with railfans in its later years, and is very well documented.  This model is one of four in existence, and was made from plans drawn by Charles Bushman, who was a member of the Baltimore Streetcar Museum for many years.

Friday, 14 August 2015

TGR V class from Alan Shaw of Brisbane, Australia.

HOn3½ scale model of the Tasmanian Government Railways (Australia) V class based on the Worsley Works 3mm scale etch of the BR 04 class.

The mechanism for this model was a 4 axle BullAnt Major, three axles equipped with wheels and the fourth axle for the jackshaft drive. The model was supplied with extended axles for fitting of outside cranks, and the motor had an overhang at the front to keep it out of the cabin area. By 'overhang', I mean the motor and gearbox is moved forward of the front axle so it all fits inside the motor compartment of the model.

This form of construction is quite popular for small diesels. Alan talked to us during the ordering process to get all the details right.

Nice work Alan.


San Francisco Muni Car One by Bruce Battles of Menlo Park, CA.

Bruce took over construction of this car from his brother and during the process, Greg king unexpectedly supplied a set of cast sides and ends to assist with the project. Bruce thanks Greg for his generous contribution.


Melbourne X Class Car by Bruce Battles of Menlo Park, CA

This is a Melbourne (Australia) X Class car from Bruce, modelled on a body supplied by Greg King.

A Work Motor modelled by Carl Lantz.

A work motor modelled by Carl Lantz from an old Model Traction Supply kit. Carl used a pair of LoBoys and 1620 Half-floor motor and gearbox.

This photo shows the underside of the model.

The half-floor motor and gearbox is hidden by the work load in the finished model. Nice work Carl.

Swedish Polar-Deva locomotive from Michel Brusa-Pasqué of Oinville sur Montcient, France.

A model of a Swedish Polar-Deva locomotive used on the French metric short line Valmondois-Marines.

French modeller Michel Brusa-Pasqué of Oinville sur Montcient, France, built this model from scratch in HO for 12mm gauge track.

The model uses a 3 axle Bullant with 1020 motor and 31:1 gear drive. It is well weighted for best performance.